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White Dove Releases for weddings, funerals, and special events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country

Dove Releases for Ceremonies
and Special Events

Snow white doves taking to flight provide a breath taking addition to many different kinds of ceremonies and events especially weddings and funerals. This very old tradition feels as relevant today as it must have in ancient times.

Our white rock doves are carefully bred for their homing abilities and trained to fly back to their lofts after their release. We are committed to the health and well being of our birds and it reflects in their performance. These high flyers take to wing with exuberant joy!

We are equally committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service. An experienced handler carefully evaluates each location. Every release is arranged to maximize its effect.

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"Love is a white dove
Which leads life to peace sublime.
Night is dark shadow."
-- HAIKU, Dr. Mohammed Fakhruddin

  There are times in one's life when words are not enough. Times of great joy. Times of great sorrow. Times when the heart is too full for words, yet begs for expression and release.

We at Doves Aflight understand this. Those who have dealt with us throughout California's Bay Area and Wine Country understand this too. When words fail...turn to dovesaflight.com. Your deepest and most profound sentiments can be given enduring expression, on nothing less than the wings of doves.

At times when the heart overflows with feelings that beg to be shared, when one yearns to give expression to the inexpressible the soaring purity and universal eloquence of white dove releases are a remarkable and unforgettable way to capture what no words can sufficiently express.

Known since the early '80s in California's San Francisco and Bay Area, as well as throughout Berkeley and the Wine Country--Napa Valley, Sonoma--Doves Aflight have engineered and enabled Dove Releases for the epic Life Occasions that need to be indelibly marked and memorialized: Dove Releases for Weddings, Dove Releases for Funerals, for any and all epic Life Events that deserve uniquely special and specialized treatment.

Throughout time, men have sought expression in means that transcend words and language, taking flight in symbols. Few if any symbols surpass the eloquence and resonance, the gravitas, of pure white doves--whose hearts, significantly, are said to be physiologically the proportionate largest of any species in the animal kingdom.

Doves Aflight can bring a dimension to your essential event that defies description. White dove releases bestow a freedom of spirit mingled with gravitas of experience that truly must be witnessed to be understood. The combination of dignity and heartfelt sentiment captured through vision and motion is the ultimate tribute; a rare and momentous gift that Doves Aflight is uniquely empowered to facilitate.

For tens of centuries, in countries and cultures throughout the globe, humans have instinctively understood and been drawn to the evocative power represented by white doves in flight. This understanding has endured and persisted as few things ever have, translated over the Millennia in countless immeasurable ways, incorporated into untold numbers of traditions and customs, to the availability even in today's brittle times and sensibilities, made possible in the California region by the tender, knowledgeable practioners of Doves Aflight.

When words are not enough, look heavenward, and see the words of the heart spelled out in the incomparable beauty and grace of white doves in flight. Never to be forgotten; always to be remembered, the addition of these gentle living symbols of purity and eternity to your ceremony will forever brand it as exceptional.

When the heart is too full for words, whether from an abundance of joy, or from pain --words alone cease to adequately convey all that yearns to be expressed. When words fail...look to Doves Aflight for surcease.

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