White Dove Releases for weddings, funerals, and special events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country

About Our Dove Releases

Doves Aflight has been releasing doves for special events since 1983. The doves are white homing pigeons (Columba livia), the true dove of antiquity. They are trained to fly home to their lofts in Glen Ellen, Sonoma County. The birds can easily find their way home from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pigeons are naturally gregarious and enjoy the company of their own kind, even in close quarters. In our lofts you’ll find affectionate mates sharing all the responsibilities of rearing their young from setting on eggs to feeding the babies. Their courtship is quite romantic.

These birds are amazing athletes. They have the largest heart per body weight in the animal kingdom. The rest of their body is mostly muscle and they can kick it into gear flying 55 to 65 miles an hour for 12 hours straight! They usually arrive home from the event well before we do.

The trick to getting the birds to fly home is rather simple; they have to want to come home. Their lofts have plenty of fresh air and sunlight. They have a healthy diet. There’s bath water and regular free flight for exercise. In our experience it’s the happiest birds that find their way back home the quickest.

These are wonderful birds, gentle in the hand and won’t struggle or bite. Let one go and it always returns home. They are a joy to work with.